AgriBioTech Non-Profit Company

The AgriBioTech Non-Profit Company has been established to nurture, mentor, train and incubate Agripreneurs developing enterprises that value-add to biological resources that are supplied by small-scale contract grower farmers.


To promote the development of sustainable rural livelihoods in South Africa;

To develop and stimulate entrepreneurial development amongst rural youth, agricultural graduates and women living in rural areas throughout South Africa;

To stimulate the expansion of rural livelihood diversification throughout South Africa;

To develop niche, valueadded and alternative products from indigenous resources, waste, weeds and underutilised resources available in the rural landscapes of South Africa;

To test and verify the efficacy of the products developed from the resources identified above;

To model the production or legal and sustainable wildharvesting of the resources required for the envisaged products.

To assist in the sourcing of input and capital resources for the establishment of small manufacturing and valueadding businesses producing the products identified above;

To source training and mentoring of entrepreneurial beneficiaries to establish and operate the enterprises identified above;

To assist in patenting and registration of new, novel products developed by the beneficiaries of the company;

To develop and maintain ethical and professional standards of business; and

To assist the new businesses to comply with such reporting requirements as may be determined by the SARS Commissioner and other quality compliance as required by each business entity.

Ideation, Incubation and Acceleration Programmes

Unemployed Agricultural Graduates are encouraged to invent/design, test, develop, and implement enterprises that require an indigenous or alternative plant, weed, invasive plant or ornamental plant or resource in its recipe, then build their value chains to include smallscale growers or sustainable wildharvesting.

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