AgriBioTech Agripreneurial Incubation

Description of programme:

AgriBioTech Agripreneurial Incubation. Unemployed Agricultural Graduates are encouraged to invent/design, test, develop, and implement enterprises that require an indigenous or alternative plant, weed, invasive plant or ornamental plant or resource in its recipe, then build their value chains to include small-scale growers or sustainable wild-harvesting. 

Programme location:

The AgriSPACE campus of Scientific Roets (PTY) Ltd and AgriBioTech NPO just outside Kokstad.

Application windows:

Agripreneurs can apply (by sending their CVs) at any time. However, these CVs are kept on record, and applicants are invited to interviews, when funding allows.

Breakdown of the programmes schedule/modules/sessions:

Challenge Brief

The main challenge of the first year of the programme is to get an AgriBioTech Enterprise up and running….
This will entail:
• Deciding on a product or product range
• Developing a product prototype
• Testing the prototype
• Developing a production and manufacturing plan which will include:
• Developing a raw material (raw resource) supply system which should include:
• Determining the viability of production of the resource for a contract grower (or growers – preferably)
• Determining the production requirements of the resource (water, seed material, temperatures, production area, varieties) for a specific yield
• Determining the knowledge or skills requirements of the growers
• Determining the infrastructure and equipment needs of the growers

• Defining a manufacturing process (recipe) which will include:
• Determining the product output from a pre-determined input resource (yield)
• Determining the equipment and infrastructure needs of producing/manufacturing the product
• Developing the most appropriate packaging option for the product (volumes, package types, presentation types)
• Undertaking market research regarding your product
• Test-marketing your product (through market types determined as most appropriate for your product)
• Patent the product (if patentable), or establish a brand name or logo.
• Set up “test” contract growers. This may entail:
• Recruiting interested growers,
• Field trips for growers to site,
• Training such growers,
• Contracting with growers,
• Setting up your growers,
• Finding funding to support such growers’ set up
• Start manufacturing and testing production system. This may entail:
• Setting up a manufacturing unit
• Obtaining funding to do so
• Register your company
• Enter AgriSPACE Incubator where we will help you grow your business.

Support offered throughout the programme:

  • Fund Sourcing
  • Business Mentoring and Coaching
  • Access to infrastructure and services
  • CEO Meetings
  • Professional Services
  • Management Expansion and Enhancement
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Business and Scientific Seminars

Accessibility to resources:

Creative “green” campus, Start-up capital, Infrastructure, growing fields, grow houses, test houses, nursery, 2 x laboratories, stone fruit orchard, vermicast, compost, funding for analytical services, mentorship, research opportunities, office space, WiFi, laptop, information resources, ablution facilities, production and manufacturing facilities, equipment, transport to and from the AgriSPACE campus and transport to and from stakeholders or role-players for activities related to the commercialisation of their business concept.

Eligibility criteria for applicants:

Preferably Agricultural or Biological degree (Plants or Animals).

Application costs:

No cost. However, intakes are dependent on the ability of AgriBioTech to raise funding to invite applicants.

Application procedure:

Applications can be made at any time. Applicants will be contacted for interviews when funding allows.

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